Three Syrian Hospitals Hit by Airstrikes

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Three Syrian Hospitals Hit by Airstrikes

The Syrian government is currently reporting that over 23 people are dead today after missiles hit three hospitals and a school in Syria. This is another tragedy as Russian-backed Syrian forces continued their push toward the rebel stronghold in Aleppo.

Out of the 23 people killed, fourteen were in the town of Azaz which rests near the Turkish border when two missiles slammed into a school set up as a shelter for displaced refugees. The hospital was also hit in the strike along with two other hospitals in a separate incident.

Residents began to post pictures and video of the destruction on social media on Monday with either the government or Russia rumored to be responsible.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, several doctors and nurses were killed in the strike with some still trapped underneath the rubble.

Moscow has already refuted any claims of responsibility, stating they’ve only been targeting terrorist groups and that no civilians had been killed in any of their air strikes to date.

Azaz has been the central hub for intense fighting as Kurdish forces who are against the government continue to advance West. Syrian forces are currently marching in from the south, with both groups wanting to take control of the Turkish border area.

The government is expected to release an official statement later today.

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