Three Killer New Features for iPhone 6

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Three Killer New Features for iPhone 6

Apple will surely stuff the iPhone 6 on its release date, tentatively set on September 19 2014, with the expected killer handset features and three of them got fresh backings on the road to reality.

Slim iPhone 6 build thanks to ultra-thin battery

Crucial to the rumored super-slim iPhone 6 finish is the battery – the thinner it is, the likelihood that the device will touchdown on its leanest and lightest ever. That likely will happen, according to CNET, which picked up the latest post from blog site that claimed the next iPhone battery is trimmed down further from the last seen in the iPhone 5S.

The capacity, however, is bumped up from 1560mAh to 1810mAh and the slight juice jump is best explained by Apple’s strict manufacturing requirements for the iPhone 6. It appears that the rating cannot go any higher, which is line with the blueprint of assembling this 2014 the thinnest iPhone ever.

13MP iSight shooter

Earlier reports have suggested that the 8MP ream camera that Apple has introduced with the iPhone 4S and was carried over through the iPhone 5S will be ported to the iPhone 6 but with significant hardware and software enhancements.

That plan could change, according to G4Games, which reported this week that Apple may just update the next iPhone camera with a Sony-made sensor of 13MP. The same package is also seen to contain optical image stabilization feature that for users will translate into the easy production of high-quality clips and images.

Sapphire display exclusive for 5.5-inch iPhone 6 phablet

Sapphire glass cover is definitely a part of the new iPhone launch but according to JP Morgan Securities, the deployment will be initially limited. In a latest note, the investment firm told The Taipei Times that only 10 million units of sapphire glass cover will be ready in times for the iPhone 6 rollout.

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