How To Find The Best Credit Card For You

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How To Find The Best Credit Card For You

With so many choices to choose from, finding the credit card that is best suited for you can be a difficult task. To help break it down for you, these are the most common types of credit cards:

Standard Credit Cards:

A standard or regular credit card is the most basic credit card you can get. With no rewards or extra add-ons, these credit cards are very good for first time credit card holders.You are allowed a balance up to a certain credit limit: credit decreases every time you make a purchase but is restored again once you pay your credit card bill.

There are two types of standard credit cards. Unsecured credit cards do not require an initial security deposit to prove the money can be repaid while secured credit cards require a security deposit. Banks put this deposit amount into a U.S. Bank Secured Savings Account for the possibility that you are unable to repay the amount you use on the card. Secured credit cards are often used to help establish credit scores or rebuild low ones.

Credit Card With Rewards Program:

Credit cards with rewards programs offer incentives on credit card purchases. Rewards cards usually require a relatively high credit score for approval. There are three basic types of rewards credit cards: points, cashback, and travel.

Point rewards cards allow you to earn points for every dollar charged on the card. Cardholders can redeem these points for various rewards like giftcards, cash, and more.

Cash back credit cards allow you to earn cash rewards for making purchases. The more you use the card, the more cash rewards you get. The only drawback to this card is that many have an annual fee that range from $50 to $100.

Travel rewards cards are very popular among travelers because purchases made on the card can go towards rewards such as flight miles, free hotel stays, and other travel perks.

Find Your Credit Card Online can help you narrow your credit card choices by providing categories of credit card types you are potentially interested in or looking for. Categories include low interest credit cards, no interest credit cards, and even credit cards for those with bad credit. While you still need to do your own research, this website does the first tough step for you. Get started on finding the best credit card for you today.


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