How Can We Save Wild Bees?

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How Can We Save Wild Bees?

It’s no surprise that the world’s wild bee population is on the decline. Thanks to Monsato and other environmental factors, hives are dying off faster than they can be replaced. This also is effecting the honey bee population as well. A new study has revealed that from 2008 to 2013, the wild bee population declined by 25% with researchers stating that land being converted to grow corn for biofuels is a key factor in the disappearance of the population. According to the study, if the trend continues crop production could be completely disrupted.

The reason for crop disruption is due to the fact that bees play a role in pollinating most of the US crops and plants with an estimated contribution of $3 billion annually to the agriculture business. Another issue at hand is the demand for crops has increased considerably which results in the need for more bees, however there aren’t enough to go around at this point.

For example, demand for pumpkins and blueberries has gone up over the past several years, however there aren’t enough bees to meet the pollination demands in the areas that those crops are grown. The goal is to continue to document the decline and need for bees in an effort to influence the White House into protecting a 7 million acre bee habitat that would allow colonies to thrive. Only time will tell if the colonies can be saved before certain crops are lost forever.

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