Google’s Project Ara Is One Step Closer to Being in Your Hands

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Google’s Project Ara Is One Step Closer to Being in Your Hands

Google’s “Project Ara,” an affordable smartphone with customizable and swappable features, is one step closer to reaching the public.

The search engine giant said approved developers will begin receiving Project Ara hardware by the end of this month, allowing them to dream up parts for the modular smartphone.

Details of the phone were unveiled at the first Ara developer’s conference in April, where Paul Eremenko, head of Project Ara, announced it would go on sale early next year and retail for about $50.

According to Google’s Project Ara module developer’s kit, users will be able to build on to a basic structural framework to customize their phone with different modules to design a phone with the look, capability and price that they want.

As new technology comes to market, users won’t have to wait for a new phone and can instead just swap in the modules, empowering users to customize their technology.

Essentially, it’s an a la carte phone and consumers are allowed to choose the extra bells and whistles they want to use or swap out on any given day.

“Some people will want modular and others will go thinner,” he said. “I think the market will decide where it goes from there.”

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