Earth’s Natural Resources Shifting Towards the Poles

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Earth’s Natural Resources Shifting Towards the Poles

According to a recent study, global warming is effecting much more than the planet’s temperatures. While climate change activists seem to focus on the shrinking ice caps and raising sea levels, a new study has brought to light what’s happening to Earth’s natural resources. The new research suggests that as temperatures continue to rise, the planet’s natural resources have begun to migrate to the planet’s polar regions. This could spell out certain disaster for equatorial regions in the future.

It’s important to point out that climate change has been responsible for the allocation of natural resources ever since the prehistoric era. Currently, as regions begin to dry up as temperature increase, trees as well as animals begin to migrate north in order to find a more livable climate. And even though the polar regions are melting and raising sea levels, the equatorial regions are continuing to become hotter and driving species from the area seeking out more hospitable terrain.

The study makes sure to point out that a timeline of these shifting of natural resources has yet to be determined because climate change has such a diverse impact on the planet. All of these factors can create unforeseen issues in the climate change process. More research is expected to be conducted in order to plot out migration patterns as well as temperature changes to determine how soon global warming could create problems with the planet’s resources in the near or far future.

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