Clinton Destroys Sanders in South Carolina

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Clinton Destroys Sanders in South Carolina

Everyone expected Hillary Clinton to win South Carolina, even before the polls closed on Saturday evening. The former Secretary of State was trending well with African American voters and even Sanders seemed to have given up, scheduling no appearances in the state. However, what political analysts couldn’t predict was by how wide a margin Clinton would win by.

After the final vote was tallied on Saturday, Clinton had won with 73.5% of the vote compared to Sanders’ pitiful 26%. She won 83% of the minority vote and only lost the white vote by a few percentage points. As for Sanders, he left the state with his tail between his legs, vowing this was the “beginning of a revolution” for his grassroots campaign.

Unfortunately, Super Tuesday on March 1st is not leaning his favor. Six of the eleven states in the south have a high percentage of African American voters and Clinton is leading in the polls by double digits. The only certain win for Sanders is his home state of Vermont. However, the remaining ten look to be heading for a clean sweep by Clinton.

Many political analysts are calling March 1st the “swansong” of the Sanders campaign if he can’t close in on Clinton and narrow her winning streak and portion of the delegates. Although the Sanders camp believes they could make it until June.

Regardless, this is a huge boost for Clinton whose campaign has been struggling to position her as the likely nominee ever since her loss in New Hampshire. All eyes will be on Tuesday’s results to see how the rest of the election will pan out.

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