Adobe Creative Cloud Under Fire Due to Glitch

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Adobe Creative Cloud Under Fire Due to Glitch

Adobe Creative Cloud is currently feeling the fury of its users after a new update caused a glitch that began to randomly delete Mac user’s files without warning. The update was released on February 11, 2015 and once installed, immediately deleted the first file it found in alphabetical order. Due to the proprietary-naming system within Mac, most of the files deleted were system folders or data back-up files.

Adobe responded on Sunday by issuing a fix, but not before users unleashed a fury of rage on the Internet due to systems no longer working.

“So Creative Cloud is what screwed up my Backblaze backups. Thanks, Adobe.”

“Great news that fix is out but very disappointed Adobe haven’t been very transparent or apologetic about the issue,” tweeted another user.

Software firm, Backblaze, was one in particular who had major issues with the glitch which resulted in hundreds of their users filing support tickets as systems began to fail within the software. It was then identified the update was deleting the files in alphabetical roder.

Adobe issued the following statement regarding the issue:

“On the 12 Feb we were notified that some customers had an issue with an update to the Creative Cloud Desktop application. We removed the update from distribution and deployed a new one which addresses the issue.”


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